How to unblock yourself on facebook

Unblocking Yourself on someone's FB page

Question (how to unblock myself in facebook)

Basically, this person blocked me on Facebook. Is it possible to somehow unblock myself on their Facebook account?
How do I contact them to get myself unblocked?
Are there other ways to do it?


Well, the whole purpose of blocking someone is so they can’t contact you. If the tables were turned and you blocked someone, you wouldn’t want them contacting you, right?
There’s no technical solution to this problem.
With that said, there are some things you can do and we’ll go through this list.

How to unblock myself in facebook

  1. Send a Message to Whomever is Blocking You
  2. Ask a Friend to Help Get You Unblocked
  3. Sign Up With a Different Account
  4. The “Round Robin” Method
  5. A True Hack
  6. How to Unblock Someone Else

1. Send a Message to Whomever is Blocking You

Here’s a video explaining how to send them a message even though you have been blocked:

And you should then ask them to please unblock you. Maybe they did it on accident or maybe they are mad at you. If so, ask them what is wrong and see if you can apologize to them. It may be just that simple.
Think about your relationship with that person and try to come up with any reason why they might not be happy with you. Some reasons may be:
  • Maybe they didn’t like your comment on something
  • Maybe it was something you said off-line
  • Maybe you did something that disgusted them
  • Maybe you send too many friend requests or do something else too much
The best way to get through this is really to talk to them in person rather than send them a message or text. Try to meet with them and talk it through. Too many friend requests or message can start to send things in the wrong direction. Remember that time heals all wounds.
If you’re a stranger to them, then meet them first in real life instead of through Facebook.

2. Ask a Friend to Help Get You Unblocked

If you have a mutual friend, message that friend and ask them to ask the person that blocked you to unblock you. Maybe they can do that or at least find out more information about why you were blocked in the first place.

3. Sign Up With a Different Account

You can also create a second Facebook account using a different email address and then contact the person that blocked you because your new account won’t be blocked by them.

4. The “Round Robin” Method

Here’s a method we found but we’re not sure it works. Give it a try and let us know:
A block can be defeated under these circumstances:
Your invitation request to someone’s Facebook account was sent to your email address.
In my situation, I was going through my old emails and searched for all FB messages.
If this applies to you then use these steps:
  • Change your email address from your blocked profile to a different one.
  • Go to your email inbox or old mail and find the original request invitation and mark it as new.
  • Follow the steps as if you’re creating a new account, which you are because that email address is no longer associated to any profile.
  • Use a nickname instead of your original name so that it doesn’t look like you at all.
  • Once you’re back in change the email again, you can preserve it for the future (in case you messed something up in your profile).
  • DEACTIVATE THE ACCOUNT! You know the account you just made can always be restored.
  • Don’t deactivate the original profile. You’ll be the last thing on their mind and they will still think they blocked you.
This isn’t really hacking but just a way around the system that’s in a gray area but shouldn’t be illegal.

5. A True Hack

This website ( does NOT condone hacking. This is just information we found and we’re passing it on:
Using Facebook’s Friends Verification Trick (

Step 1: First of all create 3 email accounts & sign up on Facebook using those fake accounts. You must have 3 accounts on Facebook and don’t forget to confirm them .
Step 2: Next send a friend request from all the 3 accounts to the victim and you should be clever enough that your request must be accepted.
Step 3: You can create an account with a victim friend name and can say its a new account or if he has interest in music /dance anything, you can create an account like music lover, etc. and you can create an account with a girl name with an attractive display pic, so any boy will accept.
Step 4: Now go to and click on “Forgot your password”
You will need to identify the victim’s account by using his Facebook name or Facebook name + Facebook friend’s name, Facebook E-mail. When you got the right account, click on  “This Is My account”
Step 5: After that, Facebook will suggest to recover password by existing email address. You need to bypass that by clicking on “No longer have access to these?”
Step 6: Next, Facebook will ask a secret question (if the victim has one), you also need to bypass that by entering the wrong answers three times. After that, Facebook will try to help you recover the password by the help of 3 friends and here comes the loophole.
Step 7: Now, one by one, select the three fake profiles that your victim added to his/her friends (the fake account must be at least three weeks old).
Step 8: After doing this you will get the verification code on your fake profiles, with those 3 codes you can easily change the password.
Note: The fake account must be friend with that person with at least 3 weeks and all 3 accounts must not be mutually friends.

6. How to Unblock Someone Else

When it does come time for someone to unblock you (or maybe you don’t know how to unblock someone else), you’ll need to know how to do it. 

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